Year 1 Courses


Year 1 Project

Organize into teams that will design and implement specific projects in Fairfield in cooperation with Scott Timm, the official Sustainability Coordinator of the city.


Year 2: Walking the Talk

Work in the field gaining valuable knowledge and experience specific to your unique interests, or do research-oriented work on sustainability.



Founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, MUM embraces the exploration of consciousness as fundamental to understanding the natural world, as well as social/political interactions.

The Fairfield square during the 2013 Ragbrai event.

Creative Hub

Oprah calls Fairfield, Iowa, “America’s Most Unusual Town”. Others call it the “Entrepreneurial Capital of Iowa”. Fairfield is a thriving community of sustainability experts, artists, spiritual seekers and more.

Our Faculty


David Fisher, PhD

David Fisher has published 21 papers in botany, crop breeding, and energy/sustainability. He was a research scientist at the USDA Forest Experiment Station in Wisconsin, was a Humboldt fellow at the University of Göttingen, Germany and a professor at the University of Hawaii. Full bio >

Appachandra Thimaiah, PhD

Appachandra Thimaiah, PhD

Appachandra Thimaiah, PhD has more than 13 years of professional experience in agribusiness, natural resource management and sustainable development. Since 2010 he has been International Consultant for the Bhutan Agriculture & Food Regulatory Authority. Full bio >

Tom Morgan, MA

Tom Morgan, MA

Tom Morgan is an intercultural consultant and founder of Tom Morgan Intercultural Associates. Over his 20-year career, Tom has helped more than a hundred Fortune 1000 companies and other organizations in 50 countries teaching cross-cultural training, coaching, and consulting. Full bio >

Stuart Valentine, MBA

Stuart Valentine, MBA

Stuart Valentine is a member of the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Movement and is currently the Financial Adviser and Founder of Centerpoint Investment Strategies, a company with the mission of aligning wealth acquisition with social responsibility and personal development. Full bio >

Ken Daley, MA

Ken Daley, MA

Ken Daley has facilitated many workshops around the US and Canada in leadership and team building and performance. He is currently Chairman of the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at M.U.M. Professor Daley served for nine years as a sport administrator and consultant for the Province of New Brunswick, Canada. Full bio >

Travis Cox, PhD

Travis Cox, PhDc

Travis Cox is currently Co-Director of the Bachelors program in Sustainable Living at MUM. His research concerns the intersection of social movements, education, metaphysics, environmental philosophy, and agriculture. Full bio >


Emanuel Schachinger, MBA

Emanuel Schachinger received his MBA with a focus on sustainable business. He worked with True Market Solutions as a sustainability consultant, with the non profit Bonnell Building Project to help organize its community, and with MUM as a facilitator and workshop host. Full bio >

Distinguished Scholars

John E. Ikerd

John E. Ikerd, PhD

John E. Ikerd is a Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri. He is a prolific writer. His books include The Essentials of Economic Sustainability, Sustainable Capitalism: A Matter of Common Sense, Small Farms are Real Farms: Sustaining People Through Agriculture. Full bio >

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